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Outdoor lighting to improve curb appeal

6 Must-Have Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Improve Curb Appeal, Safety, and Security

Thinking about investing in outdoor lighting? Curb appeal has become a real estate term, and it becomes a top focus when attempting to sell your property. This is understandable, given that potential buyers get their first impression of your house when they drive by before arranging an appointment or pull into the driveway to view your home for the first time.

Curb appeal, on the other hand, isn't only about attracting the ideal buyer to put an offer on your home. It's also about making your house stand out among your neighbors' residences and impressing any visitors who decide to drop by. When it comes to outdoor lighting ideas, it’s also a good idea to think about improving the safety and security of your house with exterior lighting.

Exterior lighting may be used to improve the safety and security of your property while also increasing the curb appeal of your home. In fact, by illuminating more of your yard with decorative lights, you may discover that many potential security concerns are finally eliminated.

Here are 6 must-have outdoor lighting ideas to improve curb appeal.

Outdoor lighting to improve curb appeal

1: Use Up Lights To Emphasize Architectural Details

Installing basic up lights to showcase your home's greatest features is one of the simplest ways to use outdoor lighting. The key is to avoid shining any of the lights straight into one of your home's windows and to generate just the appropriate amount of light and shadow to enhance the pillars, rock work, dormers, or other architectural details you wish to highlight.

This form of exterior lighting, when done correctly, can really highlight your home and make it look rather impressive once the sun goes down.

2: Increase Visual Interest With Light And Shadow

You can also make your outdoor lighting the main focal point of your yard if you don't have any especially remarkable architectural or landscaping aspects to draw attention to. You can add visual appeal to even the plainest canvas by creating areas of light and shadow. As you wait for newly planted landscape items to grow into their full splendor, this may come in helpful. Discover the power of landscape lighting.

Outdoor lighting to improve curb appeal

3: Enhance And Accent, Don’t Overwhelm

Keep an eye out for light pollution, which may harm your effort and disturb your neighbors. In most cases, good curb appeal is compromised by one of the following factors: placing fixtures that blind the viewer, using bulbs that are overly strong, causing hotspots and white-wash, or shining a light on areas that don't require it.

Instead, set the tone for your outdoor space. A few nightscape sceneries, for example, are dramatic, while others are enigmatic and enticing. Consider the ambience you want to create and match your lighting to it. This will emphasize all of the outdoor aspects while also making the space seem warm and inviting at night.

4: Consider LED

When it comes to outdoor lighting, halogen and Mercury Vapor were once the latest and finest, and many manufacturers still market them. LED technology, on the other hand, has greatly outperformed earlier alternatives in terms of adaptability, dependability, longevity, and energy economy, significantly surpassing Halogen and Mercury Vapor. 

Furthermore, today's LEDs come in a huge variety to suit practically any purpose. Heat-resistant lights, for example, can provide brighter lighting and longer life cycles in places where summer temperatures are high.

5: Evaluate Your Space

Consider the areas of your outdoor space that requires illumination before hiring a landscaping specialist or before purchasing lights. Outdoor lighting is used to bring attention to your beautiful lawn with fresh-cut grass and bright flowers, as well as to emphasize the architectural aspects of your home.

Take a look at these areas of your home to improve your curb appeal.

  • Trees
  • A shift in elevation or stairways
  • A body of water or architectural features
  • Entrance
  • Driveways and walkways
  • Beds of flowers
  • Deck or patio

Also, make sure you visualize how your outdoor lighting will turn out so that the end effect meets your expectations.

6: Use A Timer

It's already dark when most of us arrive home from work or pick up our kids from school or sports practices. This is especially true during the winter when the days are shorter. So, it would be a pity not to appreciate how impressive your home appears as you drive down the street and into your driveway, especially if you have taken the time and invested in attractive exterior lighting. 

You can avoid the inconvenience of coming home to a dark house and having to remember to switch on your outside lights entirely by having your outdoor lighting set on a timer. They'll switch on at the specified time, so you'll have one less thing to worry about.

So, with the right use of lighting, you can highlight the architectural and landscaping features of your home at night, improving your curb appeal, and making it a welcoming sight for passers-by and visitors. Additionally, using outdoor lighting to illuminate the right areas can help improve both your home security and home safety.

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