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 Hanging lights and top pendant light designs 2022

Top 6 Pendant Light Designs for 2023: Transforming Your Home with Stylish and Functional Lighting

Searching for the perfect pendant light? Apart from the fact that there are an infinite number of designs to select from, good lighting is essential at night – and halfway through the afternoons on bleak winter days.

When working with limited ceiling heights, flush mounts and recessed lighting are essential, but when the opportunity arises, nothing beats pendant lighting. The use of pendant lighting including mini pendant lights is not only a want, but a need in such situations. It's important to have something that hangs down from the height of the ceiling, especially in tall hallways or large rooms, to make the proportion of the space feel more intimate and warm.


Hanging lights and top pendant light designs 2022

Pendant lighting can also help to define the purpose of a room in addition to generating a sense of space by drawing the eye upward. That's why lighting quality should be prioritized. It's vital that pendant lights generate the sort of light that is suited to the room - softer, gentler lighting for living areas helps create a warm glow, while downward over kitchen tables or countertops is needed to illuminate the area below to help cook and prepare food.

To help you feel inspired when it comes to modern lighting, here are 6 of the top pendant light designs for 2023.

1: Smoked-Glass Ceiling Pendant Light

Best for refined elegance. Smoked-glass pendant lights are simple and stylish. They would also work well in a smaller space such as a landing or hallway. It can also be fitted above a dining table. A graphite-grey colour is very appealing; it's less in your face than gleaming chrome and perfectly complements a grey ridged glass design. It's chic, versatile and affordable.

2: Beaded Pendant Light

A large beaded pendant light, which is both rustic and sophisticated, would look great in a farmhouse-style kitchen or a spacious living area. Ideally beaded pendant lights are suited to a large living space. When the pendant is turned on, the beads give off a soft, diffused light.

3: LED Wood Pendant Light

Ideal choice for kitchen lighting requirements, a single strip of wood has no resemblance to a pendant light, which is exactly the point. Designed to be hung over a kitchen or potentially a large, rectangular dining table. The supporting cables are so subtle that they appear to float in mid-air. The built-in LED is frosted to prevent it from appearing overly harsh. This is both discreet and eye-catching, perfect for a minimalist house design. This style of light can also come in a chic floating candle design.

4: Pearl Drop Ceiling Pendant Light

For modern or luxurious interior design, this beautiful yet simple pendant light is very popular right now. The design is so versatile that it would look fantastic in any area of the home. It would also be a great alternative to a table lamp in the corner of a living room. Or even instead of lamps on either side of a bed. If you opt for a generous flex length, it allows it to be suspended at a very low height for reading, giving off a warm but not harsh light, making the perfect hanging lights.

Hanging lights and top pendant light designs 2022

5: Globe Pendant Light

Globe or bubble pendant lights come in a range of shapes and sizes, each emitting a soft diffused glow. They look just as wonderful on their own as they do when hung in a cluster. Another good choice for a minimalist home design and will add warmth to any room.

6: Bulb Pendant Light

Intelligently built with versatility in mind, despite its deceptively basic appearance, bulb pendant lights are gaining popularity this season. Bulb pendants are great for an industrial-style space or loft and can even be made dimmable. It can also be taken down and replaced with minimum electrical expertise.

Pendant lights are often one of the key features of any interior design scheme and can significantly transform the look and feel of a space. Positioning, height, style, material, lighting effect, controllability and ease of installation are all factors to consider. To achieve both the right lighting levels and a cohesive look, we recommend layering different types of lighting throughout your home, beginning with pendant lights. This will make sure that your home looks great and works on a practical level too. Explore our collection of pendant lighting. 

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