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Pearl Audrey LED Mirror

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Pearl Audrey LED Mirror GMA2432

Inspired Design & Superb Craftsmanship

Introducing the Pearl AUDREY LED Mirror, the epitome of style, function, and craftsmanship. This mirror is perfect for adding a touch of contemporary elegance to any bathroom or powder room. Its sleek design and stylish look make it stand out from other mirrors on the market. The Pearl AUDREY LED Mirror is designed to offer you maximum functionality and flexibility with its 3-light options that allow you to set the mood for any task.

With its touch control feature, you can easily turn the lights on and off and adjust their brightness to suit your preferences. The three different LED colour tones available - 3000k, 4000k and 6000k - provide you with options to suit your mood, style and daily tasks. Whether you need a bright light for your morning routine or a calming, relaxing light to unwind in the evening, this mirror has got you covered.

Crafted with high-quality materials and superb craftsmanship, the Pearl AUDREY LED Mirror is built to last. Its durable construction and damp environment suitability make it perfect for use in bathrooms and powder rooms. The mirror is designed for indoor wall mounting only, ensuring that it stays securely in place and looks great in any space.

The electrical info of the Pearl AUDREY LED Mirror is impressive too. It comes with a 12V DC LED light strip and 120 volts, providing you with high-quality lighting while being energy efficient. Its low power consumption of just 24 watts ensures that your energy bills stay low, while still providing you with bright, high-quality lighting. The 60 Hz frequency ensures that the light is consistent and flicker-free, which is great for reducing eye strain and headaches.

The overall dimensions of the Pearl AUDREY LED Mirror are 32" in height and 24" in width, making it the perfect size for most bathroom and powder room settings. Its size is just right to give you a clear, unobstructed view of yourself while still being compact enough to fit in smaller spaces.

In conclusion, the Pearl AUDREY LED Mirror is an outstanding product that combines style, function, and superb craftsmanship. It is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their bathroom or powder room. With its adjustable lighting, damp environment suitability, and energy efficiency, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, durable, and functional mirror. Upgrade your bathroom today with the Pearl AUDREY LED Mirror and enjoy a stylish and functional mirror that you will love for years to come.


  • LED mirror with touch control.
  • 3 LED Colour Tones: 3000k, 4000k & 6000k.
  • Suitable for damp environments.
  • For indoor wall mount only.

Electrical Info

  • 12v DC LED light strip.
  • 120 Volts.
  • 24 Watts.
  • 60 Hz.

Overall Dimensions

  • Height: 32"
  • Width: 24"

*Shipping dimensions may be different.


 Indoor wall mount only.

AUDREY Spec Sheet

LED Mirrors Manual

Pearl® Limited Lifetime Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do LED mirrors work?

LED mirrors have small LED lights embedded into the mirror frame or around the edges of the mirror. When turned on, the LEDs illuminate the area in front of the mirror, providing a well-lit space for grooming, applying makeup, or other activities.

Do LED mirrors provide enough light?

Yes, LED mirrors are designed to provide sufficient light for tasks like applying makeup or shaving. However, the brightness of the LED lights can vary depending on the model and the number of LEDs used.

Do LED mirrors use a lot of electricity?

LED mirrors are energy-efficient and typically use less electricity than traditional light bulbs. The amount of electricity used can depend on the size and number of LED lights in the mirror.

How long do LED mirrors last?

LED mirrors are designed to be long-lasting and can last up to 50,000 hours or more. This can vary depending on the quality of the LED lights and the usage patterns of the mirror.

Are LED mirrors good for bathrooms?

Yes, LED mirrors are great for bathrooms as they provide ample lighting for grooming tasks and can add a stylish touch to the space. Additionally, the energy efficiency of LED mirrors can help reduce electricity costs over time.

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